Art Symposium Ybbs photo-documentation

In Ybbs at the Danube, in the Old Shipmaster House which was resumed by the art society Atelier an der Donau (Atelier by the Danube) with their President Anita von Hohenberg, the great-granddaughter of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the Chairman Gerhard Maller, with the diligent support of the organisation- and kitchenteam consisting of Günter and Inge Reichhard, Bernhard Fleischanderl, Walter and Maria Punz, the artists Monika Sonnleitner-Temper and Eva Neswadba Piller a smoothly flow of the 14th Art-Symposium was guaranteed. The Major and National Councillor Alois Schroll has not only provided a sincere arrival for the artists, he also took care of the well-being by the arrangement of a huge grillparty on a sunny day in Ybbs at the shore of the Danube.

I went to Ybbs consciously as a „tabula rasa„, without any ideas, expectations or intentions for my artwork. It became a new experience of working with new inputs, motives, many people and information around my working place every day – completely different than painting at home alone in my atelier. These works were painted locally, where I developed a new technique, which allowed me to paint more freely and playfully than during the usual concentrated and contemplated working process. This is the goal I reached for, so I am happy and curious about the upcoming new works in the future, which presumably will be influenced by this important experience.

The story of the art-society Atelier an der Donau started 14 Jears ago in the village Pöchlarn, the birth place of Oskar Kokoschka which we were able to visit travelling on a motorboat across the Blue Danube water-freeway as one station of our numerous excursions during our residency. A great amount of castles from the times of regency of the Austrian Empire, as well as pilgrimage-chapels and parish churches are settled in the region around Ybbs: Kuratenhaus Maria Taferl, Castle Persenbeug, The Parish of Melk, Castle Artstetten, Church St.Lorenz, which, by the way, was located nearby the Shipmaster House, where we had our atelier – all this beautiful places incorporated great motives for artworks within a rich and historically important region.

The Symposium was a wonderful occasion to connect with international artists from Austria, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Turkey, Syria, Russia and Georgia. I hope, the friendship will last through the time and aross all borders!

On the following photograph you can see (from left to right, to the front): Ramadan Hussein, Vladimer Sharashidze, Günther Schafellner, Eva Neswadba Piller, Marion Albrecht, Angela Mena Moscoso, Melek Günbey Güler, Monika Herschberger, Sergo Gogoladze, Katharina Teresidi, Martin Widl, Alma Göring, Jeff Roland, Chema Rodriguez, Claudio Giulianelli, Muhamet Ahmet Metis is absent because he had to leave the symposium early.


Thanks to all participants for this unique experience!

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