Paintingseries „Inner Changing Process

Icy mountain heights and deep, clear, cold water, covered by melting ice floe, meanwhile the bright sunlight is reflected by white snow – a clear insight into an unconscious universe. 

Nr.10 Growler 95 x 135 cm, acrylic on canvas

„It is, in fact, one of the most important tasks of psychic hygiene to pay continual attention to the symptomatology of unconscious contents and processes, for the good reason that the conscious mind is always in danger of becoming one-sided, of keeping to well-worn paths and getting stuck in blind alleys. The complementary and compensating function of the unconscious ensures that these dangers, which are especially great in neurosis, can in some measure be avoided“


„The more numerous and the more significant the unconscious contents which are assimilated to the ego, the closer the approximation of the ego to the self, even though this approximation must be a neverending process.“


„The psychic phenomenon cannot be grapsed in its totality by the intellect, for it consists not only of meaning but also of value, and this depends on the intensity of the acccompanying feelingtones.“

-C.G.Jung, Aion, S.20,24ff

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