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short biography

M.A.Katerina Teresidi – born 1989, grown up in Russia, Greece, Switzerland and Austria. She graduated from from Art University Linz.

Deepening apprenticeship in stage- and illusion painting in Vienna.

Lives and works in Vienna, Austria since 2016

artistic development

June 2021 Opening of the Summeracademy Motten – solo exhibition, podium discussion

Oktober 2020 Long Night of the Museum Heidenreichstein, solo-exhibition

04-06 September 2020 Stramankerl Festival in Floridsdorf: live-painting with reference to Vienna, auction of the paintings.

01-05 September World Water Festival inside the Watertower, Vienna – exhibition participation

10-22 August stipend of the federal state Vorarlberg for the Summeracademy Salzburg – painting with Tobias Pils

01-30 August presented inside the Red Carpet Art Award Showroom Volkstheater of the Vienna Underground Railways

June 2020 presented by Gallery Daliko Krems, project “UnSegen”

2020 repeatedly featured by the online gallery SaatchiArt

16.01.2020 Vernissage “Kunst Zu Recht”- permanent exhibition in the Palace of Justice – Marxergasse 1A, 1030 Vienna

02.12.2019 – 12.01.2020 Highlights – Art Gallery Vienna, Brandmayergasse 7, 1050 Vienna

18-27.10.2019 XIIth Biennale Florence, Fortezza da Basso

05.10.2019 Long Night of Museums in the local Museum Heidenreichstein – solo exhibition

14.10 – 26.10.2019 Light and Darkness, Gallery Eisenwaren Kamp, Vienna

24.05. – 28.06.2019 Vernissage „50 x 50“ Opening of Gallery Daliko, Braunsdorferstraße 12, 3500 Krems

11-21.09.2019 Symposium and Vernissage at Atelier Danube (Atelier An Der Donau), Old Shipmaster House (Altes Schffmeisterhaus) in Ybbs, Austria

20 – 25.02.2019 Vernissage inside Palais Dorotheum, Dorotheergasse 17, 1010 Vienna for the sake of the society of the prevention of cruelty to animals Vösendorf, initialized by the artists Loys Egg and Herbert Brandl, organized by Ms. Michaela Schmidinger in cooperation with the director of the animal shelter, Ms. Medeleine Petrovic

October 2018 represented by the Gallery Kolja Kramer Fine Arts, Brotfabrik, Loft 9 11, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna

24.10.2018 Vernissage „55“ in occasion of 55 years diplomatic friendship between Austria and Mongolia: 5 Austrian and 5 Mongolian artists presented their works in the Gallery Kolja Kramer Fine Arts, Brotfabrik, Loft 9 11, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna.

06 – 16.10.2018 Art Symposium in Georgia, Batumi. Working together with Georgian artists for 10 days, final exhibition at the Gallery of the Art Museum Batumi

September 2018 exhibition in occasion of the 100 years Jubilee of Austrian Republic, initiated by MOYA (Museum Of Young Art) with the topic “PEACE”. Artworks were exhibited in the Atelierhouse of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

31.08.2018 – 02.09.2018 Vernissage at Stifter Villa in Kirchschlag, Upper Austria, to celebrate 150 Years of the writer Adalbert Stifter. The topic was “Stifter Nature”

February 2018 Red Carpet Art Award Vienna – exhibition of the series „Journey into the Unknown“ inside the showroom of the Vienna Underground Railway station Karlsplatz Vienna, initiated by chairman Manuel Gras

03.02.2018 realization of decoration for the Burning Man Ball with MIR and exhibition at the castle Cobenzl Vienna.

Autumn 2017 GLOBART-Academy scholarship in Krems

04.03.2017 project realization inside the Art-and Culture Centre Werk Vienna

30.09.2016 project realization inside Garage X Vienna

19.11.2016 – 24.11.2016 project realization inside the Art-and Culture Centre Werk Vienna in cooperation with MIR and Mind Entertainment

2016 starting to work in the Cultural Center Schmelze, Vienna

10.06. – 17.07.2016 exhibition inside Deutschvilla Strobl, curated by Andreas Reiter Raabe, member of the managing – committee of Secession Vienna.

18.05.2016 participation in the art price Lentos Freunde; exhibition inside the Art Museum Lentos with the topic „solidarity“

17.November 2015 attainment of the Graduation Degree from the University of Fine Arts in Linz

2013 „between domestic and wild“, exhibition at the University of Fine Arts Linz, initiated by Prof. Ursula Hübner and Prof. Sabine Jelinek

2011 exhibition inside „Ve.Sch“ Vienna – „7 works & 7 fetishes“, curated by Prof. David Moises and Prof. Christian Kobalt

2011 solo exhibition inside La Bohème Linz

2010 Sponsorship by the Impulse Foundation Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, realized  by Ms. Elisabeth Stöckler

Autumn 2009 Vernissage at the Gallery Castle Parz with the topic „Renaissance and Reformation“, curated by M.A. Michaela Nagl

Spring 2009 shaping the interior space of NOWA Linz, under the guidance of Prof. Georg Ritter

20. 03. – 17. 04. 2009 Exhibition at the University of Fine Arts Linz named „deer, planes, queens and secretary“

working process

After choosing Vienna as the melting point for her creative working process, the paintings of the artist with Russian roots have been presented in Austrian and International exhibitions. Her works remain in private and public collections. During concentration on a topic she prefers to work in series. She draws inspiration from observing history and reflecting about spiritual, philosophical and psychological aspects of existence, dreams and writings of Nietsche, Carl Gustav Jung, Liä Dsi, Kungfutze and others.
Her techniques are widespreaded – from drawings over collages to abstract and figurative paintings on canvas with acrylic and oil, meanwhile the technique of a single series remains similar.
The main series are dealing with the questions of
– serching for the self s well as a wholistic view of planet Earth as a living organism, water as main ressource and ice as keeper of potential life in the meditative abstract series “inner changing process
– “natural technology“: studies of human and animal bodies as perfect machines
– technological progress and its implications for the human psyche in the series “cyborgs
– “war and revolutions” as natural processes in human development towards an optimized society or menace and remaining dark aspects of existence on this planet

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