XII Biennale Florence photo-documentation

2019 was the first time I participated in the XII Biennale Florence, performed within a huge format. It was an interesting and instructing experience from many perspectives. I’ve got a glimpse on the challanges, issues and problems in the course of such a huge event. It was a great possibility to exchange experiences with many international artists and talk to them about their workflow and their projects. It was a stranghtening experience to be confronted with many new challanges at once and manage the journey and transportation of the artworks across a great distance while considering the official guidelines of a foreign country, presentation of the work locally, generate media content, interviews, cumulate many new information and ideas received every day from visitors and artists.

Also read the previous announcement about XII Biennale Florence on my homepage for more information.

Many things about the challanges, difficulties, surprises and problems concerning the event can be reported. If you are considering to participate in the Biennale Florence, don’t hesitate to ask me for more Information via E-Mail or social media.

In the following Gallery you can have an Insight in the Works of some artists presented within the XII Biennale Florence 2019:

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Mag.art Katerina Teresidi, geboren in Georgien, aufgewachsen auf einer langjährigen Reise über Russland, Griechenland und der Schweiz bis zur Ankunft in Österreich, Vorarlberg 1999. Matura am Realgymnasium Feldkirch-Levis, Absolventin der Kunstuniversität Linz im Bereich Malerei und Grafik 2015. Lebt und arbeitet seit 2018 von Wien aus als freishaffende Künstlerin. Zahlreiche Beteiligungen an österreichischen und internationalen Ausstellungen und Projekten.

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